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Two-Day Program - Advanced Policy 16 - 17 Nov 2020

Two-Day Program - Advanced Policy 16 - 17 Nov 2020


Target Audience: All interested persons and all mid-level public service practitioners

This program is a comprehensive two-day online via Zoom, interactive case-based program. Participants work online with a facilitator and a case team to address real world policy problems. It covers all the skills needed to formulate, advise and implement strategic policy outcomes. 

The program gives learners a better understanding of all aspects of the policy process, including the processes by which policies are defined, developed, implemented and evaluated, the impact of the political system on policy making and the importance of internal and external consultation to achieve policy objectives.

Participant benefits will include the skill to:

  • Gather and manage policy research and evidence including big data using networking to lead consultation with other agencies and entities, government and industry and community members to determine policy direction
  • Analyse policy problems using sophisticated information and data analysis techniques to break down tasks into manageable parts ina systematic way
  • Formulate results-focused policy with implementation in mind from the outset
  • Deliver high impact, persuasive policy messages appropriate to the political and policy context
  • Build monitoring review and performance measures into policy work