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One-Day Program - Policy: The Basics 3 May 2021

One-Day Program - Policy: The Basics 3 May 2021


Target Audience: All interested persons and all mid-level public service practitioners

A One-day program for those who want to know more about policy, how it operates in a professional environment, what are the key things to look for and how to practice policy at the highest professional level.

In this program, participants work with the facilitator online via zoom on real world cases. In particular, casework helps explains how to define a policy problem, how to know what research  is suitable for policy work, how to use big data in policy formulation and how to build stakeholder and community support for a policy.

The course objectives benefit participants in:

  • assisting with basic policy data collection
  • undertaking relevant policy research
  • breaking a policy problem into basic tasks and activities
  • understanding the policy formulation process and what research will be used for
  • using vocabulary that is appropriate to both professional and community audiences