Randal’s Teaching & Learning Philosophy

Randal’s approach to teaching and learning is based on adult learning techniques. Adults learn best by doing and solving problems of relevance. Randal designs his programs to facilitate interactivity using the latest, most relevant case studies selected with participant interests in mind.

Randal believes that the distinction between teaching and learning is irrelevant in the social media age, that learning is not communicated to but produced by adult learners. As a consequence, Randal’s programs feature team-based learning built around the case method. ‘Live’ cases work best, where participants are actively engaged in solving a case problem, the resolution of which is unknown or not yet decided. Randal uses cases as a ‘slice of life’ to place participants in a problem solving context requiring all their skills of research, analysis, problem solving, formulation, advice and implementation to produce the best possible policy on time and on budget.