About Our Programs

Our experience in Policy Training 

We have conducted over seven hundred tailored in-house programs for Australian Public Service agencies. In addition to our programs for the Australian Public Service we also work in the Australian States.
In New South Wales, we offer a selection of public programs in partnership with the Institute of Public Administration Australia (New South Wales) and with the  Tasmanian Training Consortium (Tasmania).

Policy Training Online via ZOOM

We are specialists in Policy Training Online via Zoom. We offer one or two day programs brought to you in your premises via Zoom. We find Zoom technology to be intuitive and easy to use for us and for you.

There are a few basics to having an effective virtual policy training session via Zoom, if you have not done it before. It is important to be respectful online, to mute your microphone when not speaking and listen to others. Also, it helps to participate and ask questions and above all, keep clam if tecnical problems happen as they frequently do.

Our facilitator will be with you the whole class to help you learn and participate in your policy training online via Zoom.

Our programs assume no previous policy knowledge and use break out rooms and case material and group support to build practical policy knowledge quickly. You will learn and have fun working with our online facilitator and other participants on practical, real-world policy challenges.

Policy Training Workshops via face-to-face

We are specialists in delivering Policy Training Workshops via face-to-face. WE still do these workshops when permitted with our partner organisations. For more information on when and where face-to-face Policy training workshops will be conducted, please visit:

Institute of Public Administration Australia (IPAA), New South Wales Division at:

https://nsw.ipaa.org.au OR

Tasmanian Training Consortium (TTC) at: