About Us

Our Managing Director- Randal Stewart is a policy scientist with an extensive background in public policy, public affairs and strategic planning.

His key areas of expertise are in policy formulation, institutional design, policy and issues management and selected policy areas such as industrial policy, economic policy and regional development.

He completed a PhD at the Australian National University after graduating with First Class Honours in Arts from the University of Queensland. He is the author/editor of ten books and thirty scholarly articles on policy issues. His most recent books are called Public Policy – Strategy and Accountability and an edited collection called Government and Business Relations in Australia. He has published four editions of his co-authored textbook Politics One.

Randal has extensive experience in overseas policy environments having undertaken work in Korea and the United States on comparative industry policy in recent years. He has been Visiting Fellow at the University of California, Berkeley and at George Washington University in Washington D.C.

Randal is an experienced executive trainer with an excellent record of exemplary evaluations and he is frequently asked to develop specific programs for local and state governments and Commonwealth agencies all over Australia.  He is much sought after as a consultant and strategic planner.

Randal works with those in the Commonwealth and State and Territory public services who wish to expand their skill inventory.

Randal also works with those interested in current affairs who want to learn and share the latest thinking in policy formulation, advice and implementation.

Randal was awarded a senior Fulbright award to study in the United States of America.

All are welcome in policy for policy affects us all.